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Who is Berkley Aviation?

It was a long time ago that I started in the aviation insurance industry.  It was interesting to learn that you did most of your business over the phone and fax machine, but didn’t get that much time to meet in person.  So in many cases you would be doing business with people that you never met.  How can this be a relationship business with people you’ve never met?  Well it was a little easier when we actually talked on the phone.  Now a days, I’m not quite sure how you can build a trust relationship by emailing and limiting your time on the phone. 

I feel the most important part of our business is built on a trust between the broker, the insurance and the underwriter.  This can only be built over time and through the actions of all parties.  Many things get lost in translation on an email where things can be misinterpreted or worse yet in a fit of angst an email gets sent without taking the time to think an issue through.  I’ve wondered how to solve the problem, and at times walk around the office checking the phone logs to see how much time is spent on the phone, and to my dismay there was very little time really building relationships.  So I wanted to highlight some of our team here at Berkley Aviation so you can get to know us.

Berkley Aviation was built person by person to fill both the role of employee, but also be part of a team that can bond and support each other.  We try to get together regularly after work to have a bit of fun.

Locally in Santa Barbara we have a place called the “Painted Cabernet” where you can paint and have a nice glass of wine.  Kadie Skillingstad, Megan Millang, Tony Park, Dara Harrison and Robin Camacho painted the W.R. Berkley Corporation mascot. 

Painted Cabernet.png

We also like to take the team and few guests from the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation to the Staples Center for a Lakers or Kings game. 
Kings Game.png

We get together to raise awareness for issues that affect our community.  Here we participated in the Autism Speaks annual Autism Walks event.

Autism Walks.png

Our annual picnic - picture taken from a camera mounted on our DJI Phantom drone!
Berkley Aviation Picnic.png

We have come a long way since 2005 when Berkley Aviation was formed.  No one could have predicted the market conditions that we all are in, but by building such a tight team here in Santa Barbara and now in Boston and Atlanta we want you to know us and know that we’re here for you and your clients.

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