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What does Berkley Aviation Underwrite?

We get a lot of questions about what type of business we want or like to underwrite.  At this past HAI we got a lot of questions about underwriting helicopters.  It seems to be a common misconception that we are not in the rotorwing market when in fact we’ve always been in that market.  Many people don’t know that we have a large book of CGL business.  So it seems we’ve not done a great job in advising our broker network of our risk appetite.

Last year we noticed that we had not been seeing the volume of submissions that we thought were available.  After some informal discussions we realized that our original plan in 2006 to only see certain classes of risks was still in most peoples’ minds.  So we’ve made a big push to get out the message that we’d like to see more submissions.  And in 2014 it worked and we saw an increase of over 20%. For 2015 we continue to push to see more and already we are up 20% during this first quarter.

The clear message that we want our brokers to know is that we like all types of aviation risks with only a few areas that we do not underwrite.  We are not a market for manufacturers’ products liability or work comp, but beyond that we are always interested in offering terms on aviation risks that fall within our liability limits.

Our limits for risks are outlined below, but we do have the ability to do more on some risks and therefor these numbers should be used as our basic abilities and not our “never-to-exceed” numbers.

Risk Limit
Aircraft (fixed and rotor wing): Hull: $10,000,000
  Liability: $100,000,000
CGL: Liability: $100,000,000
Airports: Liability: $100,000,000
Non-Owned: Liability: $100,000,000
Airlines (US Based risks) Hull: $10,000,000 (our share)
  Liability: $50,000,000 (our share)

If you have any questions on a risk, please call your underwriter to be sure we understand your risks.  If you run into a wall with the other markets, please be sure to let us know and we can try to take a second look.

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