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W. R. Berkley’s Best Kept Secret

Regional Excess UnderwritersDid you know the W. R. Berkley Corporation is made up of 49 independent operating units, each specializing in their own niche market?

Regional Excess Underwriters (REU) is one of those companies. As a Berkley Aviation broker, you also have direct access to REU (

REU is the wholesale brokerage unit of W. R. Berkley Corporation (WRBC) and can help you access and navigate through the various operating units within WRBC, and the entire excess & surplus marketplace. REU is a full-service E&S brokerage operation, with a mixture of transactional brokerage markets, contract binding/underwriting markets, and niche programs. We are licensed in all 50 states, with ten locations around the nation. Locations currently include: Nevada, Seattle, Denver, Iowa, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia and Maine.

REU offers services to agents contracted with W. R. Berkley companies, like you, and select independent agents across the nation.

REU works with over 150 different markets across the world, including Bermuda and London markets, twenty-five (25) of which are part of the W. R. Berkley Corporation. You will have access to some unique W. R. Berkley Corporation markets:

American Mining Insurance Co. (Specializes in mining & mining related risks)
Riverport Insurance Co. (Specializes in human services, sports & recreation, and child care)
Berkley FinSecure (specializes in banks & financial institutions)
Berkley Asset Protection (specializes in fine arts, jewelers block and crime)
Gemini Transportation (specializes in excess trucking  and railroad liability)
Berkley Select (specializes in allied medical and regional hospitals)
Berkley Life Sciences (specializes in neutraceuticals, implants, pharmaceuticals, and more)
Berkley Public Entity (specializes in public entities)
Carolina Casualty (specializes short and long-haul trucking)
Preferred Employers (specializes in California workers compensation)
VELA Insurance Services (specializes in general casualty and professional liability)
VERUS Underwriting Managers (specializes in general casualty, property & garage)

Berkley Solutions
There are a few specific collaborations between W. R. Berkley Companies designed to provide solutions (Berkley Solutions) for you.

Some include: Sports & Entertainment, Workers Compensation, Environmental Liability, Outdoor Activities, Equine, Equine Mortality, and Life Sciences.

Berkley Concierge
No reason to memorize the W. R. Berkley markets or their specialties. We have an "online concierge" called Berkley Concierge. Access the link by logging onto and creating a log-in through our agency portal.

Berkley Concierge will allow you to search for the appropriate W. R. Berkley company by typing in the SIC code of your customer. Don’t know the code? No problem- you can also search by key words. Access is only available to W. R. Berkley appointed agents.

Ease of Doing Business
As a broker of Berkley Aviation you do not need to complete any preceding paperwork before accessing REU.

REU will pursue placement of your risk and then present a quotation. When you are ready to bind a quotation, you will then need to complete the appointment documents for REU.

For more product and company information, please visit the REU website at

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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