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Berkley Aviation would like to remind you of our partnership with Berkley Specialty Underwriting Managers (BSUM) Environmental Division to provide pollution coverage for the Aviation Industry. The program has resulted in numerous environmental placements for FBOs, Aircraft Hangars, and Maintenance and Repair Facilities.

Some of the Advantages of BSUM Environmental:

  • We write on behalf of W. R. Berkley Corporation member insurance companies, rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best
  • Our 24/7 Spill Response Dispatch available to our Insured
  • Dedicated Environmental Claims Handling Team
  • Centralized Environmental Underwriting Team dedicated to our Aviation Partners

Some of the Advantages associated with Environmental Product:

  • First and third party cleanup cost of pollution conditions at, on, under, or migrating from a covered location
  • Third party bodily injury and property damage including natural resource damage and diminution in value
  • Coverage for Fixed Base Operator anywhere on airport property Coverage for aircraft refueling, deicing, and maintenance
  • Coverage is provided for non-owned disposal sites on an unscheduled basis
  • No age restrictions on underground storage tanks
  • Coverage for underground/above ground storage tanks, with the ability to include financial responsibility

Below you will find claims scenarios*, which many of your customers may find of interest. The SSP policy form provides coverage for a wide variety of pollution exposures faced by the Aviation Industry.

  • A aircraft repair and maintenance facility had disposed of waste material through a service provider for the past few years. The facility was notified by the EPA that the disposal facility was insolvent and they were a de minimus potentially responsible party (PRP). The settlement request for cleanup was $180,000.
  • During deicing activities, a fixed base operator allowed contaminants to enter a stream adjacent to the airport property. Costly remediation of soils and groundwater were required. The state environmental agency also required the fixed base operator to pay for natural resource damages due to the impact on protected waterways.
  • A ruptured fuel hose spilled a few thousand gallon of jet fuel onto the ground at a regional airport. The fuel eventually reached an adjacent river. The contractor responsible for fueling operations paid significant clean-up costs for soil and groundwater as a result of failing to adequately maintain the fueling equipment. Remediation included excavating contaminated soil as well as clean-up of groundwater and surface water.

*These are general examples; any claim would be addressed under the facts unique to it and the relevant policy terms and conditions.

Edwin Baez | Vice President - Environmental
Berkley Specialty Underwriting Managers (a W. R. Berkley Company)
Office: 201-748-3038 | Mobile: 646-283-5192
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