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What Do We Write?

Here at Berkley Aviation we are in our 9th year of business. For most of the first 5 years of operations we kept a low profile choosing to focus on risks that we knew very well and not to disrupt what was happening in the market. We saw many new start ups occur during that period and have watched as each has cut a wide swath to build up market share. We still felt that we could help our clients more if we continued our stealth approach and offer consistent products and coverages. The problem with being out of sight so much is that people don’t know what we want to write. So I thought I would put a few statistics together.

We can write liability limits of up to $100m on aircraft, rotorwing, airports and CGL risks. While this may not be $500m that others can write it will handle over 90% of the risks. The same is true for hulls which we can insure for up to $10m. We feel that the small number of risks that need limits in excess of these amounts do not provide an adequate risk adjusted return after the hefty costs associated with reinsurance and the low rates.

We wanted to put some of our statistics together for you to see. So far in the first quarter of 2014 our book is made a bit diverse based on the following averages: 

Average Hull Value Insured: $827,000
Average Liability Limit Insured: $8,600,000
Berkley Aviation Aircraft By Type

Average Aircraft Age: 34 years old
Most Aircraft Make: Cessna
Most Aircraft Model: Citation
Turbine Fleet: 39%

We are looking to expand our turbine and turbo-prop fleet in the $1m to $8m range. We like to evaluate each risk based on its own needs and characteristics. 

On CGL and airport risks we are open to all types based on our liability limits. However we do find risks that have heavy piston and/or propeller overhaul as a more difficult risk and would only be interested in small following lines with low limits, if at all. Our growth in account volume in this segment is one of our fastest.

When in doubt give a call to your underwriter and we’d be happy to help you on your risks. 

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