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Berkley Insures Fine Art and Jewelry

What does aviation have to do with fine art and jewelry? Well, not much … aside from our opinion that an airplane is a thing of beauty. And, we want you to know that Berkley Asset Protection provides a complete line of insurance and loss control for another niche market: art galleries, museums, jewelry businesses, individual’s precious collections and other clients with high-value assets to protect.

Perhaps this is an expansion opportunity for your brokerage, or you may have current clients who would benefit from the coordinated, expert coverage you’ve come to expect from a W. R. Berkley company.

Berkley Asset Protection staff possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in high-value assets and how to insure them. Its Fine Arts Policy and Jewelers Block can be combined with appropriate business coverages to create a custom, comprehensive insurance solution.

Jewelers Block 
Berkley Asset Protection understands the needs of the jewelry industry and what it takes to protect these unique jewelry exposures. 
Target markets include:

  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufactures
  • Watch Trade
  • Designers

Fine Arts Portfolio 
They also understand the “priceless” nature of fine arts, including their historical relevance and importance. With a comprehensive insurance and loss control program, Berkley Asset Protection provides coverage for all types of artwork and collectibles. 
Target markets include:

  • Museums and exhibitions
  • Historical societies
  • Universities, schools and colleges
  • Dealers – fine art, antique or other historic property
  • Corporate collections

Precious Collections 
For Berkley Asset Protection, providing insurance for individuals’ precious collections isn’t just a sideline. They offer broad solutions, including all-risk and mysterious disappearance coverage for personal collections, including jewelry, fine art, antiques, stamps, coins, sports memorabilia and other collections of rare or historic nature.


  • Money, Securities, Precious Metals
    Businesses with high-value exposures involving money, securities, and/or precious metals can be at greater risk of loss. Target market segments include armored cars, check cashers, pawn, casinos, mining, and ATMs, among others.

  • Fidelity and Crime
    Berkley Asset Protection offers fidelity/crime-related coverage for commercial public and private companies, financial institutions and governmental entities.

  • Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion (KRE)
    This program covers ransom amounts, personal accident, other associated expenses and unlimited fees/expenses for Control Risks Group, a top-rated crisis response company that handles KRE situations.

For information about Berkley Asset Protection, visit or contact:

  • Melissa Becker, CIC CPCU
  • Assistant Vice President Sales and Marketing Leader
  • Berkley Asset Protection Underwriting Managers (A W.R. Berkley Company)
  • Business: 330-748-4445 | Mobile: 330-697-4151
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