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Berkley Aviation Selects the Beech 18 as the 2013 Super Producer Model

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Santa Barbara, CA, December 15, 2013 -- Berkley Aviation, a W. R. Berkley Company, today announced the Beech 18 on floats as the 2013 Super Producer Model. Every year we carefully select a model aircraft – something that inspires us and sets the tone for the year to come. As a gesture of gratitude, we send these models to only our top performing brokers. In years past, we’ve sent a Boeing 787, Bell 525 and Falcon 7X. Each showing the outstanding achievements that raise the bar for distance flown, fuel efficiency and comfort. But this year we’ve decided to reflect on something a little different: the idea that with all this progress, some things never change. Great advancements in the way we fly depend on a mastery of basics. Adaptability, versatility, hard work and common sense are the underpinnings of not only aviation, but aviation insurance. To commemorate 2013, we’ve chosen the Beechcraft 18.

As the longest continuous production run for a piston aircraft, Beech produced 8,000 Model 18s. It’s versatile and solid with timeless attributes that insured its longevity. The ability to adapt to the new requirements of changing times, given its limitations, is a testament to aircraft’s solid adherence to the timeless basics of flying.

We think it is important for the aviation insurance industry to focus on the basics. The majority of the market isn’t emphasizing true underwriting skills. Instead, many companies try to buy market share or write through unprofitable years. They seem to have forgotten the basic responsibility to our shareholders: profit. These short-sighted views will have a dramatic negative effect on some careers. To succeed, we must remember that skill, drive and determination, tempered with experience and talent, lead to longevity in our industry.

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